Heat Pump vs Natural Gas HVAC Austin, Texas

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I am renovating a 800 sq ft house sitting on pier & beam on the east side of Austin. HVAC companies have quoted me on both Heat Pump & Gas systems. Which is best? Reading up on it, it comes down to the cost of electricity vs cost of gas. Different resources say different things, does anyone have experience with this?

@Jarrod Covey ,from what my HVAC guys tell me (i've renovated/flipped several homes in NE PA) the heat pumps are fine in the moderate cold to warmer climates so your area should be fine.  If you already have natural gas (NG) piped to the home then just replace the current system. If not, then go the electric route. Yes, you're correct about "cost of electricity vs cost of gas".  Also.. what are most homes in your area selling with?  If they're all NG.. I would go that route to ensure you have an easier time selling (you don't want to be the only one on the block with electric if everyone has NG is what I mean).