In Cleveland August 12-14. Let's meet up!

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Hey BP. I am going to be in Cleveland for about 48 hours and I would love to meet with as many brokers, property managers, contractors, and turnkey providers as possible. I plan to buy at least one multi family property in Cleveland in the next 3 months, contingent of course on finding a good deal. If you are an agent and you own property yourself, PM me and let's find a time to meet. If you are a Property Manager and you can take on another client, let's chat. If you are a contractor interesting in building a long term relationship that benefits us both, let me buy you a coffee or a beer! My hope is to book meetings during the evening on Wednesday the 12th and during the day on Thursday the 13th, and hit the nightlife hard in the evenings to find my favorite areas. Maybe you just want to join me for the fun part of drinking on the town... Great! I'd love to share my knowledge and perspective of RE or even battle stories of nightmare tenants (drug dealers, professional eviction artists and ghosts - yup... I don't believe in ghosts but what happened is still unexplainable). PM me if you're interested. Let's have some fun and get things done! ~Steve

@Steven Tawresey

Hey there, sounds like you know exactly what you're looking for great. I am Investor with a construction company. I'll PM you some of my resources for this area.

Good Luck on the night life in Cleveland...

Hey @Keith Anderson thanks for the shout out, I had a great time with you while you were here. @Steven Tawresey I would be glad to meet with you if you havn't filled up your schedule yet. You can come into our office to talk strategy and then we can go see some properties afterwards. Send me a PM of what your price range is and I will make sure to have several multi-family properties available to go see.