Huntsville and Tuscaloosa multifamily

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I am new to Huntsville and Tuscaloosa area.  Is there any wholesaler or pocket deal in these areas?  I am also looking for property managers and good handyman to understand more about the areas and fix-up for rent ready.

Neighborhood C-B.  From duplex to 20 units. Preferred minimum cap rate 10-12%.  

Hey Vincent,

Investor up in Huntsville here. 10 caps are very hard to find right now. People are paying a premium for small multifamily here. I've had more success with multis in Birmingham personally. There are several properties that fit that description in Huntsville in the 35805 zip (with the exception of that cap rate)

I'd love to find some 10-12 caps in ANY market!  You might have some luck in the rougher areas of Dayton or Cincinnati.  Though sometimes the cap rate isn't justified by the hastle and cost of turnover.  I'm still able to find 8 caps, but even the midwest is getting squeezed as more investors jump in.