Multi family investing in Sudbury Ontario

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Hey everyone! I am new to the forum but have been listening to the podcasts every chance I get.

I'm currently working on a house flip, will be finishing up soon and selling. I'm hoping to roll that return in to multi family properties in the sudbury area.

From what I can gather, properties are very well priced with good cash flow. Obviously much more to it than just that but seems like a good area to dig deeper into.

Is anyone currently investing in sudbury? Any tips or advice?

I am from the Kitchener waterloo area so I will be looking in to property management aswell.

Any input or tips would be greatly

Thanks everyone

@Cody Macdonald

Hey Cody!

I’m actually from Sudbury, I currently own one rental property and plan on expanding my portfolio! I can definitely agree with you on the affordable prices and cashflow! There are a few neighborhoods that cashflow very well but come with a riskier tenant profile, how soon are you looking to purchase? :)

@Eric Coulombe

Hey Eric

That's awesome! How long have you had your duplex? But yes, seems to be a great location to build a cash flowing portfolio. Where are some of the better areas tenant wise ?

I am hoping, if all goes as planned with my current project, I will be looking to purchase a property by feb 2020.

@Cody Macdonald I’ve had my duplex going on 1 year now, when I bought it the rents were low, I updated the units and got higher rents it cashflows well now :)

I would probably stay away from the flour mill and Donovan area, you can still find some great deals that cashflow very well in those locations but it is a bit more risky considering they are more of c class type of neighborhood’s.

Hey Cody, 

Welcome to BP, Sudbury is a nice spot , just a matter of choosing the right areas and your risk tolerance, greater cash flow in the rougher areas but more chance of revolving doors. I am originally from there so know it very well. 

Agree with Eric, you can't go wrong with a duplex as a good starting point. Tons of old bungalows in Sudbury. :)

If you want more info, just send me a message.


I am an investor in Sudbury as well. My husband and I own a duplex that we've been renting out for 3 years.

I agree that the Donovan and flour mill areas are a riskier bet. Our duplex is is New Sudbury.

We are hoping to get into a multi family for our next investment. Hoping for 5-8 unit that we can BRRRR.