Private Passive Real Estate Investment Funds/Promissory Notes

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My clients have expressed an interest in passive real estate investment. Does anyone have any insight into established private real investment companies or funds?

Does any have any aspirations for launching a real investment company?

@Brandi N.  I could name one, but it would simply be shameless self-promotion.  :)

Browse the Multifamily investment forum, you'll find that there are several syndication sponsors that frequent BP...check out the threads there and you'll be able to pick out a couple people who really know what they are doing.  Good luck!

hi Brandi- unlike Brian, I'm not afraid of shameless self promotion!

Syndicated real estate is my field of expertise, and literally all I do.  I help hundreds of clients each year who are selling traditional real estate investments perform 1031 exchange and move into institutional class, diversified syndicated investments.  If you'd like to learn more, just give me a call.

Best line- Lesie

Hi Brandi,

We work with syndicators from all over the country.  I would be happy to discuss further if you like, just call or email.

Brandi, as they come swooping in on you, I believe we have RE types interested here, you have notes mentioned. Mortgages/Notes is not real estate, it is banking and finance and a whole different world than real estate as to using investor's funds.

Any more information on what your thoughts are? What's your background saying "your clients"? :) 

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