Akron 3rd Tuesday Meetup

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Hey all! Just a reminder that tomorrow is the 3rd Tuesday meet-up at Los Girasoles in Stow, OH

My husband and I will be hosting this months meeting.

@Jill F. will hopefully be away sailing!

Come enjoy this informal meeting to chat with other local investors. We always love to see both familiar and new faces each month.

Ask for the Bigger Pockets table and feel free to message me with any questions.

Hope to make it sometime. Tuesday’s are bad as the wife works and I’m home with the daughter.

Are you still hosting these, and do you accept newer younger people? I am working my way into this real estate investing world and would like to join some local groups, it is hard to find them. Let me know, thanks!

Originally posted by @Toby Jurging :

Looks like we need to take this up and make it happen, thinking keeping it virtual initially and then hopefully transfer into live event.

Thoughts @Christopher M Beck Jr @Kathleen Martini

Sounds great to me, happy to do it! I have a paid Zoom account that can accommodate up to 100. Happy to set that up for next Tuesday at 6:30 PM. If anyone has interest, PM me your email, and I’ll plan to send out an invite in the next few days.  

Originally posted by @Charlsi Kelley :

Hi all- Is the meetup still happening on the 3rd Tuesday? If anyone has an update, I would love to attend (or, if not, I would be happy to host one). thanks!! 

With Covid I am not sure this has been happening.  With the ban on groups of over 10 meeting at restaurants or bars.   

Hi all, we’d had a zoom meeting last month with a few of us. I’m happy to coordinate that again next month, if there’s interest. Sorry I missed setting it up this month; work for me has been quite busy!