Kansas City Meetup @ The Royals

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  • 06/25/14 06:00PM
  • Royals Stadium - 390 Bar
  • Free

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Kansas City...here is your chance to add some more fun to your meetup.

We are hosting an unofficial meetup for all in Kansas City to come. Even better if you come from more than the metro area.

Attendee who is a member of Bigger Pockets and travels the farthest to attend (more than 100 miles) will get a beer on my tab.

We will meet at the Royals Stadium in the 390 Bar. Its open to the public.

Grab a General Admission ticket and join us for the evening.

Which game?

Hey @William Sumnicht  Sorry we missed it.  This will give you a chance to network instead....make a deal.  It should be a nice change of pace and a chance to see the Royals ?win? a game.

@William Robison Just busting your chops. I think this is a fantastic idea! And I have high hopes. They don't call the Wednesday home games WINSdays for nothing.

Three days away for the Kansas City Meetup at the Royals.  Hope to see many of you there.  Bring business cards and deal sheets for between innings networking.

Have fun!  Not going to make it due to some mentoring training.

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