BiggerPockets Podcast 089: From High School Dropout to 300+ Real Estate Deals with Engelo Rumora

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Today on The BiggerPockets Podcast we sit down and chat with Engelo Rumora, a real estate investor with a fascinating story that involved dropping out of high school, playing professional soccer, and building up a massive real estate investment business across two continents! Don’t miss this incredible interview where we cover numerous topics ranging from getting started, flipping houses, networking with potential lenders, finding (and working with) mentors, running a growing business at a young age, and a lot more!

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In This Show We Cover:

  • How Engelo got his start in Real Estate Investment
  • The challenges of jumping in without formal education
  • Valuable tips on effective networking
  • The varied & diverse deals Engelo has made in his career so far
  • Why he decided to move from Australia to the US
  • Details on his first deal (and why he almost got killed because of it!)
  • The 3 essential traits every investment partner should have
  • How to avoid shady operators
  • Tips on how to find the most promising properties
  • How Engelo and his team finance their deals
  • The keys to managing a business from a young age
  • What he’s learned about building a brand and marketing a business
  • Engelo’s vision for the future of his company
  • And so much more!

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“No matter how many times you get hit, you just got to pick yourself up and keep going.” (Tweet This!)

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