Investor Meet Up in Mesa Arizona

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  • 04/18/18 07:30PM - 09:30PM America/Phoenix
  • This meet up is limited to 40 people, 3048 E Baseline Rd, Ste. 107 Mesa, Arizona 85204
  • Free

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Thank you to everyone who came to the last meet up in March. We had a full house and some great info shared by one of my preferred bankers.

At this meet up in April we will have one of our contractors that has rehabbed over 20 properties with us present his experience working with investors. He will share what realistic expectations investors should have when working with contractors.

Knowing our contractor, this meet up is sure to be as entertaining as it is informative and it will be a great place to get to know and network with other investors. 

The presentation usually goes until 9:00 or 9:30 and then there is networking time before and afterwards. Also, keep in mind that the room really only holds up to 40 people so make sure to click the ATTEND EVENT button above to secure a spot and so we can see about how many are planning on attending.

We are also open to feed back. For those who have attended our meet ups in the past. Let us know what you liked or didn’t like and we will take it into consideration as we make adjustments moving forward. We look forward to seeing you there.

My Mom will be here from MN that week but I'm going to try and make it.

Hi everyone....where is the "attend event" button...can't seem to locate it...thanks, Jim

@Jim O'Connor it’s the big blue button underneath people’s pictures up at the top of the thread.

Here are a few more invites: @Carlos Gonzalez , @James Thorne , @Arinya Khamphoumy , @Ken Breeze , @Ben Leavitt , @Nolan M. , @Joshua Hill , @Paul G. , @Paul Santos , @Wendy Black , @Alan Grobmeier , @Chris Mayfield , @Dovid Staples , @Jake Saliba , @Ewan T. , and any others not mentioned. I hope to see you there. We need to keep it at around 40. Last time we had that many. This time it looks like we are at about half of that right now so I hope a few more of you can make it. 

It will be a great presentation by my contractor. And we have some deals that we are doing right now that we will be walking you through.

@Carlos Gonzalez Tomorrow night at 7:30 PM at the address above.

Shiloh and Jason,

Thank you for a great meeting.

Thanks for hosting @Shiloh 

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