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  • First Investment Property for a beginner - Recommendations?
    Replied July 22, 2018
    My advise is to Learn.Learn.Learn.  I would try to partner up with someone that knows what they are doing.  Use your money, have them manage the asset so you don't lose first ti... See more
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  • Flip or Buy Hold Portfolio
    Replied July 17, 2018
    What do you want the investment to accomplish?  Fix and Flips are a lot of work for a few bucks and it creates short-term capital gains.  Fix and Flips are probably the riskiest... See more
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  • Surgeon and RE investor
    Replied July 17, 2018
    RE is just another way to diversify.  I would never tell my Investors to liquidate or get out of stocks etc...  They all give us what we strive for which is to retire comfortabl... See more
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