Any creative Ideas for home with awkward exterior?? Pic included

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Hey BP!

We have this home under contract and it's an awesome deal! The problem is that the front of the house looks the it should be the back of the house! We are trying to come up with design ideas. Currently there is a deck in the front of the home which we'd like to remove. We would like to turn the double door into a large window and enlarge the small window on the left side. Problems we are having is the distance from ground to what will become a window on right side and also a porch design. Any ideas??

Pictures would be great too! Thanks :)

You might cover the deck and door facing toward the vantage point of the photo or extend the deck around to both doors and cover up those stairs on the front of the house.

Hi Erin,

First off, what rooms do all those three doors open into (the double off the deck, the single front, and single off the driveway)? Can you provide a simple floor plan of just that interior front area?

Hi @Jeff Berg ,

The door on the side enters into the dining room. If home is entered through this door, the living room is straight ahead and the kitchen is to the left. Kitchen/dining combo. The small window is for dining room as well. The single door opens into the living room. Behind the double doors is also the living room. Once rehabbed it will be a Great Room. All spaces will become one.

What about some sort of roof over that front side with a bigger front porch added? I am thinking a gable roof that is smaller than the existing gable roof of the house. A roof + porch will add depth and texture to the house. 

If you have the budget for it maybe you could wrap the porch around to that side door, too. 

First off mow the law, and get the growth out of the driveway. That will clean things up for no money. Then in my mind the building doesn't have defined levels. Below thee top floor I might cover the bricks with something or paint them a different color or add a border to define ground level. Also continue that deck for sure, just another 4 feet. Then may some window trim or elements of interest.

Erin - First, I would eliminate the unnecessary driveway side door, create a nice large window in its place, with a matching one in the same location on the front to replace the tiny one. That will open up what must be a fairly dark dining area, and improve the front corner.

I'd definitely leave those nice big french doors AND the deck, that's a very desirable feature off a great room, and extends your living space. Re-do the balustrade, and anything that needs attention structurally. Then, build a pergola straight out from the wall to completely cover the entire deck, with two fat supporting columns at the corners.

The least expensive way to create interest with the entry leaving the steps as they are, would be to build a "shed" roof sloping toward the front yard, over the landing... maybe use a cool standing-seam roofing material. Create two substantial columns at the corners of the landing, matching the two on the deck.

Then, the beam directly above the columns can extend all the way into the pergola. Have short rafters between the roof and the pergola.

Cover the concrete steps and landing with a very simple, natural stone material.

If code allows, enclosing the area under the deck would provide a good bit of storage space. If done correctly (with windows, nice stone finish material, etc), it could be an architectural asset as well.

With some proper professional landscaping (maybe also cut out a planter along the side of house), and addressing the driveway issues, that should eliminate the aesthetic liabilities and give you an amazing amount of curb appeal.

There are other possibilities for completely redesigning the approach to the entry (straight off the front with a right-angle landing and a gabled portico), but would involve a lot more demo-ing, building, and expense.

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