wholesale deal in low income neighborhood

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Hello BP!

I recently got a property under contract in East Orange, Nj. Now my question is, how do I go about finding Cash buyers to purchase the property in a low income neighborhood? The property is located on a block which has rentals up and down. It isn't a rehab deal, its more of a buy and hold investment for long term cash flow. I know the pros and cons of investing in the "ghettos" strong rental rates; safety issues etc... I was planning on getting a hold of  investors who currently owns properties in that block, and possibly pitching the deal to them. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I would find investors willing to invest in that area I would real appreciate that. 

I grew up in East Orange., Is not all area in East Orange that are bad there are some great place there., I ve been living there for like 18 yrs nothing bad ever happened to me.. I am also looking to purchase a  few properties there myself., I am still in the learning process of real estate.,