BiggerPockets Podcast 307: The Science Behind Setting and Achieving Big Goals

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Raise your hand if this describes you: You start working toward a new goal with excitement, only to watch it eventually fizzle out to nothing. If you’re human, it’s likely you’ve experienced this phenomenon. Why is it some goals are just so hard to accomplish, whereas others we’re able to conquer with ease?

On today’s episode of The BiggerPockets Podcast, that’s exactly what you’ll discover. Diving deep into psychological research on goals, motivation, and time management, Brandon and David will pull back the curtain on how people set and accomplish big goals and give you a GPS toward changing your life forever. If there is one episode you listen to all year, let it be this one!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • The real estate G.P.S. system
  • GOAL
    • Specific
    • Difficult
    • Feedback
    • Commitment
    • Training your reticular activating system
    • Make sub goals
    • Reward yourself for small wins
  • PLAN
    • Why humans need processes and steps
    • Lead measures vs. leg measures
    • Learn the L.A.P.S. system on finding deals
    • Keystone habits
    • Schedule meet-ups
    • Set the behavior, time, and location
    • Why you may want to join a group that meets weekly with clear structure
  • And SO much more!

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  • “When people wrote down their goals, they were 33% more successful in achieving them.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Subconscious is a powerful ally, but a terrible master.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Every goal you desire is preceded by a process required to get the results.” (Tweet This!)

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  1. kenneth chen

    Thank You Brandon and David. I have had good experiences from ’accountability’ groups in my lifetime. Absolutely agree with a strict structure. A group I participated in for a number of years, had this structure: If someone was late, we started the meeting on time anyway, rather than wait for him or her, so as not to cause the entire meeting to run late. Each person had 10 minutes to work with the group on their goals. We used a timer, to stay on track. Without a firm timetable, there was the danger of socializing taking up valuable time, and members not moving forward with their goals. I adore Brandon’s suggestion of doing a hot seat, deep dive, with one member per meeting. Bravo Team, and thank you for creating the 90 Days Journal and corresponding Mastermind Group option. I just purchased the 90 Day Journal, so I may join a mastermind group with like minded persons, interested in growing in the area of real estate investing and finance.

  2. Chad Shaver

    Brandon and David,

    Thank you Gentleman for all your hard work and dedication. Will listen to this podcast (307) over and over. Really gave me some fantastic strategies. Myself and my family will be thankful for years to come.

    Thanks again

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