Displaced Napa family turning to BP for help

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Hi all
I thought I would try and use the power of BP community to help. My family and very close friends of ours have been evacuated from Napa, CA with high likelihood of losing our homes to the Partrick fire in Napa. Because of air quality issue in town our family and several others left yesterday for South Bay for cleaner air. My family is safe staying with a friend, but we are in close contact with another families we are friends with which aren't so fortunate. They are staying in a barn with no running water or bathroom facilities. They have 2 kids under 6 and a large and medium dog with them, which is making it very difficult for them to find a place to stay. We both have decided to stay out of the valley until at least Sunday at this time for health reasons for the kids, if our homes stay vertical.
With the resources BP has with air bnb; I thought I would ask if there was a safe place for this family with 2 pets to assist or help them have a safe place through the weekend. We would love and appreciate any help that could be given in the South Bay Area for them or other families in same situation
Thank you all; for any considerations
Mick Harvey

So I either sent this to early in the am or no one has anything to offer. This is a great community, I would think there would be someone to offer something. Even sympathy. I hope we all aren't so self driven, we can lend a hand.
Thought make one more attempt

I can certainly lend you sympathy; being involved in a fire is no joke. When I was a kid we were on vacation in a campground one year; the entire forest caught on fire and left everyone there stranded as the fire encircled the campground. We didn't burn up (I'm here typing, obviously) but it was scary as hell and left a permanent scar on me (figuratively, not literally). 

Unfortunately, I don't know anyone in California, so I don't have anything to offer, but at least by posting it will boost the post back to the top. 

Sorry I don't have any contacts in CA. Maybe if we keep posting it will trend and get some attention. I wish you and your friends the best. 

I wish we could say that we had an opening and I'm glad that you sent this out as I would love to have such a volume that I could have some space set aside for all of those who have been displaced for one reason or another. I'll keep working to be able to say yes to this every time one of these situations occurs. 

In the meantime, be safe and I wish you the best of luck.

Thank you everyone that posted and sympathy, yes it certainly is scary. Been through hurricane, earthquakes and now fires. Amazing the power and destruction.
I'll check out open house. Thanks for all everyone can do

It’s a long shot but I will ask my friends in the area. Let me confirm, this is for 2 adults 2 kids and 2 dogs right? Some friends in SF is considering AirBnB open houses.

We already donated money but could you tell us what people in Napa/Sonoma need the most right now? Will donate clothes and kids items and hope they’ll get there soon enough.

if my family was in danger of dying in a fire I would go to a shelter 

Suggest they board the two dogs, this would allow them more options.

Hi mick I am also from napa and we left a few days ago due to the smoke and having small children. We are currently saying at the Monterey tides hotel  in Monterey ca and they allow days I have a "pit bull" here with us. They is quite a few napa residents staying here with multiple dogs and children and they offered us a discount rate given the circumstances. I hope this helps. 

I feel for U I used to live at Silverado and many of my friends homes and all their possessions are lost.. 

unless you have lived through these wild fires its in comprehensible to most.. I have lived through many in Lake co and the 81 Atlas peak fire..  the tubbs land fire going all the way over to Santa Rosa is mind boggling.. I get the atlas peak fire .. I don't have anything to offer in the way of lodging other than suggestions  ( Reno ?  Redding  Sac etc)

My mom lives in Napa and she is OK and has even gone out and shopped she is 84..

Hi Mick,

I live in Salvador area of north Napa so I'm with ya. First airbnb had a deal my friend used last night. 0$ for some nice homes in the bay to evacuees. Anyone in Napa in need of shelter St. A's has a nice shelter set up with plenty of supplies I believe they allow dogs.

Good luck to you, stay safe

Hi Mike,

I’m in Petaluma and last time I checked (Wed) there was still space at some of the shelters here (NewLife in Clegg St) and the animal shelters were taking in pets that are unable to follow their families to shelters. It’s the best option I know of. 

I have large and small dog crates that I’m offering to anyone who needs them in order to bring their pets to stay with them. I also have water and some food supplies but nothing like the shelters already have. The shelters in Petaluma are also well stocked with supplies for the time being. I hope something here is of help. 

Feel free to reach out to me for any other assistance, information, etc. I am a bit stretched taking care of my tribe but I’m willing to help in any way I can.

Best wishes to you and your family. Take care

I would think they know this but 


Lists all the resources available.  Shelters are taking the pets for free so then people can go to shelters or hotels or airbnb.    ASPCA is hosting them at selected shelters in addition to the regular heaters.  Closest available hotels are in San Francisco or even further south but there are airbnb available in Sacramento.   Once you board the pets they will be in a more flexible position.

I am 1.5 miles from the fire but not in an evacuation zone yet but I have been planning to go to Sacramento if I have to evacuate just because everything in San Francisco is fully booked from what I understand from friends and co-workers who have had to evacuate.   

My opinion, being in the middle of this, is that they need to start planning for 3+ months.   Fires are 2-10% contained and still growing, this will not be done soon.   I now they don't want to separate from the dogs, but it is temporary and they need a better living situation for the kids.   They won't be able to return for weeks possibly months.  

PS, if money is a problem the home insurance pays for this.   Some insurance companies are just handing out pre-paid cards just to get people started.   

@Mick Harvey , it was awesome meeting you last weekend at the summit. I thought of you when these fires started knowing you’re in Napa. I’m going to reach out to some people now to see if I know anyone can help your friends and their family - I’ll message you my contact info.

@Chatree C.

Thank you for consideration. Yes, they have 2 kids and 2 dogs and 2 adults. That would be incredible. Wife works in St. Helena, but Dad is able to stay home with the kids and work. Number  1 concern is air quality for the kids. 

Considerations are appreciated. 

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