Evicting renter from a vacation rental property

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@Aaron Mazzrillo   - Well said. Everyone experiences lost, I wont act like I haven't been taken to the cleaners a time or two! We learn, we grow. Don't panic and stay calm is EXCELLENT advice, and something we can all take advice from.

@K. Marie Poe - I bet AirBnB are getting more scammers because most AirBnB hosts are not full time landlords, so they know they can get an easier target than going through a normal route of renting out a unit. A scammer smells the fish, so that would be my bet on why its escalating in this arena. An Airbnb host usually isn't in addition learning the ups and downs of tenant laws for this cities like people on this site doing it for the last 5 years. Sometimes you really do learn from experience for us, and for anyone new getting into the business. Now, if you're a professional scammer (this guy definitely looks like that duck), it doesnt matter if you're new or experienced, we can get caught up in this.

@Cory T. Shame on Airbnb for deleting your messages! I am glad they came back, but its seems terribly unethical and shady business practices. I have used AirBnB Many times, and YOUR STORY WILL HELP OTHERS PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING IN THE FUTURE!! Your frustration is felt, but thank you! I am now going to jump on with my attorneys (I use prepaid legal services, and the VA lawyers are great!) and ask them about what is the time line before someone switches from a short term occupant to a full fledged tenant. And yes, Airbnb SHOULD have individual notices for each state (easy to do, 1 weeks worth of effort on their part), and let owners in each state what the time line is for rentals before it becomes a short stay to a legal tenant stay. I mean, protect your customers AND yourself, Airbnb!!

Its sad your in California. I posted a few videos on the differences between landlord vs tenant friendly states, and I would honestly never INVEST my money in California at all for that reason. You live there, so its harder for you to escape CA's ridiculousness, but there are investors who absolutely keep the laws in mind when deciding to invest. CA and NY don't deserve honest money.

@Michaela G. You're so amazing! I always love reading your post, your perspective is different and relevant. I actually took screen shots of that youtube page for the OP, if they ever need it. Maybe not, but its interesting his 1M plus vacation rental company connection. Very shady. But great detective work :-)

Home Land Security take visa fraud very serious when it is a H1B visa. It looks like no one is willing to post the company information that sponsored him.

Joe Gore

@Joe Gore  , if you know anything about visas, then you'd know that this is not a big enough deal. There are more pressing matters to deal with as far as Homeland Security is concerned. 

You'd also be potentially hurting Cory, if you jump the gun to report him, because she'd still have to deal with his brother and she'd be in the same situation.

@Lisa Phillips  - thank you, I"m flattered. But I really can't claim full credit, because a commenter at SFGate figured things out and since I love to dig for facts, I just did a little more digging.

The question is, what does the contract state? If it's for short term rentals, he probably doesn't have to have the usual eviction process. I would call the local police department and ask them if they can handle such a situation. If not, immediately go get an attorney!

If it were me, I would go over to the unit, and take some muscular friends with me, move his stuff outside, set him outside; and lock the door. Then, let him take me to court to prove he has a right to the property. Or, take some "new renters" (intimidating types) etc. and let them move in for a week. 

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In all seriousness, the future solution would be to make sure you charge a HEFTY deposit or find some way to put a hold on tenant credit card. Also, CHECK REFERENCES!

On the kickstarter campaign he uses the last name Pashanin and look what I found 


Originally posted by @Michaela G.:

@Cory T.  - I'm sending you the contact for the defendant of above lawsuit by direct message

 I bet if the media had that information when they first aired the story, they would have sought him out for an interview.

well, they have that now and I bet there'll be a follow-up that'll pull the comenters away from blaming Cory to seeing what a scumbag this guy really is ;-)

I made a phone call, and Home Land security is aware of Pashanin, Maksym, and they are in the process of revoking his HIB visa and a person by the name of Haida Summers fill out a K-I visa application to marry Pashanin Maksym, and both had an appointment at 606 S Olive St Ste 1500, Los Angeles, CA 90014 on 07/18/2014 and they did not show.

Joe Gore

Wow, the BP community is really active on this one especially since it has been picked up by the media. I wish you the best of luck getting this guy out of your property.

Originally posted by @Michaela G.:

Well, he's obviously not living with his fiance/wife ;-)

 Well at least the scumbag is traditional and not shacking up before the wedding.  :-)

The OP's squatters seems to have an internet trail that would have been relatively easy to check before he moved in.  He sued his SF landlord in 2012 for construction noise in his backyard. That pops up right on the first search page. 

All the residency status issues being touted here don't help the OP unless the INS goes and and picks him up from the condo.  At least they have the address.  CA landlords can't even ask about residency status or require any documentation of legal residency (although they can require ID or proof of employment, sometimes which will be residency related). He's still entitled to due process.  He can still counter claim harassment by the landlord, which he has experience doing, or file a new law suit.

I'm really surprised that AirBnB is not doing more to help. The amount of negative publicity that they are getting is huge. How many people out there will read these stories and never deal with them? I know that I wouldn't......

Do you guys think it would have helped if she had a local management company to handle the booking, lease signing and key turnover? It would seem that airnnb is kind of like the zillow or trulia of the sharing economy, but is still no replacement for on the ground management and an educated gut feeling. 

I think it might turn out different. I think if you expose the party you were dealing with at Airbnb that person would try to fix the problem knowing they would be exposed to the great WWW.

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For all the negative press, you'd think Airbnb would offer the guy something like $10,000 just to get the heck out if he signs a release of all claims type of form. 

Originally posted by @Mark Gallagher:

For all the negative press, you'd think Airbnb would offer the guy something like $10,000 just to get the heck out if he signs a release of all claims type of form. 

 Yeah, that will stop all this squatter bull.

You know what, reading this entire thread makes me proud to be in the BP Family. The community has been outstanding for the most part. You'll have a troll or two trying to rock the boat but you have plenty of support. 

Cory T., this may be a blessing in disguise. Hang in there. Unfortunately, you have to take one for the team. The price for educating us all. Yes, it sucks you having to go through this in real time but we thank you in advance. 

I first learned about AirBnb from a passenger in June 2014 and he thought it was great. I brought up this potential problem in general and he shrugged it off. Wow, I hope I run into this guy again to share this thread. But I'm sure the media will help spread the word.

K. Marie Poe & Michaela G., what a support system you guys are. Geez, I'm going to you if ever in need of help.

I look forward to the outcome. 

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