Portland, Oregon Wholesaling - Is there opportunity on the westside?

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Hello Portland investors.  I have been really working on calculating my next step in my real estate career and have noticed that the wholesalers I've been able to connect with are focused on the eastside.  Do you believe that there would be buyers for wholesale deals I might procure on the westside?  Honest answers appreciated!  THANK YOU!  Lisa

I think so Lisa,, when I was buying courthouse steps properties. most of my buys were WA county followed by Clack and then Mult.. East side homes proved challenging for me because of the age  OIL tanks etc .. Where west side were normally newer ranchers and easy to get rehabbed without dealing with lath and plaster.. old electrical plumbing. etc etc.

Most certainly.  You can add me to the list.

Lisa, as long as the numbers work for the rehab, you'll have no problem finding someone who'll buy your properties. Chris from Uptown Properties has already asked to be put on your list and if he's too busy, I know of several others who are always looking for a project.

We would be interested, Lisa!  We just sold one in Clackamas County and are looking for our next projects. Currently looking in the Washington and Clackamas Counties.  Would love to hear about any opportunities you come across.  Please put us on your list of buyers.

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