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  • Real Estate License in Oregon
    Replied August 16, 2018
    @Kalkidan Ezra it doesn't really matter who you go thru to get licensed.  In Oregon all the schools are geared towards getting you to pass the license exam.  So go with whoever ... See more
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  • Best new agent program in Portland area??
    Replied August 16, 2018
    @Whitney R. the online training is really just about passing the exams.  Go with whoever is the least expensive.  Its the company you decide to hang your license with after you ... See more
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  • Radon Portland, Oregon
    Replied July 9, 2018
    @Kiki Helland radon testing has become a pretty common part of the typical retail real estate transaction inspection process in the Portland area.  Some years ago a man passed a... See more
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