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Posted Jun 27 2022, 21:14

Hi all. I am a first-time homebuyer and I am under contract for a SFH that I plan to use as my primary residence initially. My plan is to relocate from San Francisco to Chattanooga. The home is 83 years old and is built on a sloping piece of property. A few things came up on the home inspection today that seem like pretty major structural concerns and I contemplating whether to back out of the deal. Here are the key points of concern:

1. Moisture/water intrusion along rear wall of home during heavy rains (there is some negative sloping at the back of the house).

2. Crushing/deterioration to sill plate and joist ends was observed along the center wall (note the right rear crawlspace was not viewable due to low clearance and obstructed views)

3. Bowing to right rear foundation wall observed. The foundation wall and or framing behind wall cladding has shifted/settled

4. Old appearing stains and/or minor deterioration to wood was observed around one or more plumbing pipes in the crawlspace.

5. Sloping or non-level flooring was noted throughout home. Cause is either foundation settlement, floor joist changes or subflooring related.

6. Nontraditional shingle overlap was observed at rear plumbing pipe vent boots.

Any insight or guidance would be greatly appreciated! 

Chattanooga, Tennessee

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