Anyone Familiar with Realquest Professional Services?

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I was doing some research on a REO we are making an offer on in DC area and in my email came a link to professional property information services from First American. They have a per item fee and a monthly subscription fee.

I am looking for property profile information as well as some confirmation of value (questionable i know) along with mapping of foreclosure/auctions etc.

Realquest seems to do most of that for $39/month which seems reasonable. I would be curious what if anything some of you active flippers/wholesalers/investors are doing.


I use Realquest. They're about as reliable as they come in my opinion. Hardly off from my appraiser's value. And you're correct, they're very reasonable price wise.

I use to write extensively for their website on real estate investing. They dropped that when they went to the new layout.

Realquest has 2 different products: RealQuest Pro and RealQuest Express. The price mentioned above was for the Express and when you called the quoted you the Pro product.

The Pro product is designed for full time real estate people that means appraisers, agents etc. For most real estate investors the express product will give you the information that you need.

If I remember correctly you can put in an address in the pro version and it will atcually show you a map of all properties on that street. If any are listed in foreclosure they will be flaged, if any are reos they will have a different color flag. You can get details of who owns, purchase price, tax value for all properties on the street.

With the express version it just gives you the owner name, date and price purchased and tax appraised value.

If you drive by a property that you want to find out more information on then the express will allow you to put in the street address and it gives you that information.

I looked into RQ but ended up using SiteXData instead because I could buy a group of comps without committing to a subscription for a year. It's still pretty expensive, but not as expensive as RealQuest.