20% ROI 175 unit subsidized housing

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We have a 175 Unit Project with 100 units being subsidized for Affordable Housing.  This is a 3 phase project that will run 12-18 months for phase 1.  We have a national plan set to follow with licensing in place for multiple cities.  The Core of these units will be shipping containers but the style of build will be evolving to fit different housing needs.  We have paten pending on different applications that will allow us to complete these units in 1/3 of the time of a typical build.  We have raised over 1 million dollars so far and just opened up the project.  We do have a solution to the Nations Housing Crisis.   Anyone interested take a look at our deck and contact us if interested.  Click Here to See Our Deck

Philip M. Aguilar


[email protected]

DDPS is getting ready to change affordable housing and provide the solution to the housing crisis in this country. We will be opening up the project to investors Nationwide today. San Antonio and the EICR project is the first step in our national housing plan.

Updated about 2 years ago

Try this link for the deck www.ddps.co/eicr

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