Best rent collection App?

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Landlord with 15 Units. A mixture of young and elderly tenants. My biggest headache is collecting rents each month. Some pay in cash, money order ( which some of these I can't mobile deposit) and checks. I'm tired of driving around collecting from those that don't send the money or that's late. I'd like to set something up that they can pay with a Card automatically on the first of every month or that charges the $50 late fee after the 5th day of the month. I'd like a way to track who paid and how. Any help here is greatly appreciated. I'm a year into this and am terrible with paperwork but want my business as efficient as possible with systems in place so that I can expand and add to what I have. 

@John Poling I would look into buildium just to check that one is what we use and it lines everything out and makes it seamless for us to use the software and get paid along with see who is not paying etc. This soft also helps out with getting tenants to contact you via the app/software for repairs etc.