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Beginners Guide: What Your Airbnb House Should Include?

Cole Simpson
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Charlotte, NC
Posted May 14 2022, 18:21

Beginners Guide: What Your Airbnb House Manual Should Include?

An Airbnb house manual is a set of instructions explaining how to use your rental’s appliances, where to find certain amenities, and how guests can make the most of their stay.

The Airbnb house manual is not the same as the Airbnb house rules.

First of all, the content and the purpose are different: while the former is a collection of helpful instructions to make sure everything goes smoothly during your guest’s stay, the latter is a set of rules that you expect guests to follow.

Your house manual should include:

Welcome message

Check-in and check-out times

Parking instructions

Wi-fi details

House rules

How to use appliances

Local transport info.

Sights to see and things to do

Emergency info.

Contact details

How to add a house manual to your listing:

> Go to ‘Your Listings’ on the Airbnb website.

> Choose the listing you want to add the house manual to and click ‘Manage listing’.

> Once there, click ‘Listing details’.

> Here you’ll find a line that says ‘Guest resources’. Click ‘Edit’.

> Enter instructions, features you want to highlight, and recommendations for guests under ‘House Manual’.

> Click ‘Save’.

That's it. I hope this helps!

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