Does real estate still excite you?

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Has 2020 affected your ability to grow like you planned?

I feel like we was able to do better this year than we projected.

Did anyone have to try a new strategy, and succeeded?

Hoping to share some encouragement..

Yes, real estate investing still excites me because I truly believe that it's the most stable opportunity out there and I believe in tangible assets. 2020 has been challenging, for sure. We took on a project in late 2019 that has amounted to a full gut rehab. There are 2 ways 2020 has impacted us, and one that has nothing to do with 2020 but is a "pile on" effect. First, supply chain disruptions. It's been difficult to get certain materials, prices have gone up, and because of COVID there have been workforce impacts with contractors working off and on and their schedules disrupted because of the inability to supplies from time to time. If one trade gets backed up on your project, so do all the trades that follow that one. We definitely experienced this on our project. Second, the refi part for our BRRRR. Appraisers are severely backed up. Underwriters are backed up. Interest rates are so low that everyone is trying to refi and that makes the whole process slow way down. We would have liked to have been out of our HM loan by now, but the refi is slowing that down. The third factor we've felt in 2020 is just the lack of availability of the trades. We're practically doing a new build so we've needed ALL the trades on this project. But our area is still reeling from wildfire losses over the last couple of years. The trades are booked out months in advance because they're still rebuilding housing stock. That was the "pile on" effect I mentioned. But it's still been a good year none the less and we had the reserves to weather it. We were also really confident in our costs (we always build in a buffer), and the ARV has continued to increase over this time because the housing market keeps going up. I can't imagine how I'd feel if that hadn't been the case. There are going to be years where bad things happen. I think, as investors, we should take that as a given so we're less shocked when it happens and can build in the resilience to keep going!