Raleigh NC Deal Makers?

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Hi BP,

  I keep seeing the "Raleigh Deal Maker" meetups and I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this group. I realize they are promoting their system of finding homes for sale and I imagine somehow bringing the homes back to them. Is anyone familiar with this company/group? Thanks!

Hi Ricky - I have attended quite a few of the "meetups" you are referring to. While it is a networking event promoted/sponsored by the local Home Vestor franchisees they do allow other wholesalers to get up and present their opportunities. There are 2 stipulations (I believe) when it comes to wholesalers presenting their opportunities: 1) It cannot be listed in the MLS. 2) The wholesaler has to have the property under contract at the time they are presenting it.

Typically you see anywhere between 5-8 wholesalers present their properties at a given meetup. After the presentations, the organizer, @Adam Schneider , snakes through the people in attendance allowing everyone to introduce themselves and mention what they are searching for. Afterward everyone networks. So if you saw an opportunity presented that you may be interested in, you go to talk to the wholesaler. Or if another person in attendance represents something you are looking for you can go chat with them. 

The Deal Makers Session is my preferred investor networking event in the Triangle as it's quick (~1 hour) and to the point. Plus, with the introduction of everyone in attendance, I feel everyone is "encouraged" to network/interact.

Hey Ricky,

I have not attended this meeting yet, but will very soon.  I will say that @Adam Schneider is a great guy and a wonderful resource if you need anything or advice. 

Thanks Brian. Yes I spoke with Adam. Definitely cool guy. I'll be attending soon as well.

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