Is San Pedro The Next Highland Park?

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I've heard a lot about San Pedro recently. It has all of the ingredients to be the next highland park. (huge art and music scene, affordable rent, "authenticity" etc...) I've also seen that they are redevoloping their waterfront. So I took a 25 min drive down there from DTLA and was blown away at how nice it was. I mean tons of beautiful parks, 2 beaches, minutes to Palos Verdes. I was shocked at how relatively inexpensive the property was. I did notice some early 90's venice vibes in terms of crime but all in all seems like a solid investment. Anyone else thinking about jumping in the SFR of multifamily game down in San Pedro?

Yup! We've been hunting for deals down in San Pedro. Already has a 63-unit mixed-use project in the works down there. All the writing is on the wall. If only the metro silver line gets upgraded. The public market along w/ QOZ will spur more interesting projects and make it an even more desirable place to live.

DUDES. Big ups to everyone here for acknowledging THE most under-appreciated real estate market in CA. Also happenned to hear from a little bird that Elon Musk is bringing back the shelved deal to bring SpaceX to San Pedro. This could be bigger than Highland Park. We might be looking at a Highland/Echo Park/Silverlake/Venice mash up baby. I should know. I bought in Venice in the 80's and everyone laughed at me. They didn't laugh when my house sold for over a mil. 

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