Anyone dealing with Code Enforcement in Rancho Cordova?

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Is anyone else having any issues dealing with Rancho Cordova's code enforcement department? They are trying to clean up the city which I appreciate but they are making non-stops citations. Some of their requests are counter to common sense. They are citing things that dont have to do with saftey or habitability. Like trying to tell me what type of landscaping to put in for my backyard. The code they cite is so vague it can include anything they want. I have a 4plex in Rancho Cordova that cash flows really well (I bought it as a good time) and I would like to keep it.

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@Account Closed I have talked to them many times and my property manager has met them as well. Explaining things isnt the issue. It is the ridiculousness of their requests. They think it is reasonable to tell my property manager to tell tenants that they should never to leave food out on the kitchen counters.  They want to tell me to plant trees in my backyard and put in a patio. These are things that seem to have no relevance to safety or habitability and I don't know how I can push back unless I have to get legal representation

@Merced F. in my experience  there are only 2 reasons code enforcement will reach out to you. One if renters are storing stuff at a location visible from the street, like front porch or in back porch if the fence is low or wired. OR if one of your renter goes and complains. In some cities they would go on Neighbour’s request as well but that’s not very common.

IMHO, you will get some that like to mingle their opinions, and their departments desires into the actual code and enforcable.  

Your backyard.. code likely says something about appropriate landscaping, lack of debris etc...   And they are trying to get 3x that thinking they will push you into what is actually required.

As for tenants counters... I would tell them to F off.  until a citation actually lands for it... then its just an opinion.

As for lawyers, do you really want to be the proud nail in rancho that pisses them off?  You will get hammered.  Plant a frikkin tree, and move past it... cheaper than lawyers...   ;)

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