Nonconforming basement units

2 Replies | Oakland, California

Hi all. I'm looking at a duplex in Oakland with 2 legit units plus one nonconforming (low ceiling, lack of egress is some rooms) basement unit that is vacant but has been rented in the past. Without rent from the basement unit the numbers don't work for me so I'm trying to understand the ramifications of having a unit like that. What might the be consequences if the city decides to say something about it? It sounds like many people seek these things out, but everybody's risk tolerance is different. What would you do? Go for it or pass? Any thoughts are welcome. Thank you.

@Jason Porto

I’d have to agree with the previous comment- I would pass. Why risk what you have worked so hard for and plus you won’t have to be looking over your back wondering if the city will find out. All the best to you!