Does a CT real estate license cover Mass?

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I have been looking into getting my real estate license and currently live close enough to Massachusetts that I could easily look for work up there. I recently came across something that said a Massachusetts real estate license will cover CT but not the other way around.

I am looking to get the correct information from someone in the area because I wouldn't want an imaginary line drawn across the land stop me from potential job opportunities/leads/sales/profits etc.

Thanks in advance.

I don't know of any real estate license that carries over into another state. As far as I know you must be licensed in each particular state you wish to do business in. Now with that said, if you hold a license in a particular state getting licensed in another state might be easier if they have a reciprocal agreement. That would generally mean all you have to do is to take and pass the state portion of the test you'd like to be licensed in. I am currently licensed in Massachusetts if I wanted to go to NH, all I have to do it to take the state portion which I'm told is much easier than the Mass state.  

@Jeffrey VanGilder a CT/MA license carries reciprocity to one another, however, you still need to "apply" and "pay.." as long as you are in good standing, the other state approves. You need to make sure your broker is "bonded" in MA, though. The way that both states transact business is slightly different though, so make sure you give some serious thought to educating/training on each states customs. Reach out privately any time. I am a licensed and bonded Real Estate Broker in CT/MA.

Thanks Rick Santasiere. I am still in the planning stages so just going over options at this point. If and when I have more questions I won't hesitate to reach out.

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