I have a brother with a housing voucher and he's currently living in Hartford. He is looking to move, but says he is having difficulty finding a place that takes vouchers. I've rented lots of properties in Florida and Chicago. As a landlord, I've always wanted Section 8 teneants and have had good experiences with them. Just wondering if CT vouchers are different. Any advise on finding a new place for him that accepts vouchers? He is on disability so he gets regular income every month and he has a conservator that takes care of his money and pays the bills. It seems like there should be investors out there looking for guaranteed rent money like this. He wants to get out of the city. Here is what he said he gets per month in the areas he is looking to move.

Anywhere in Litchfield County but ideally in one of the towns below:

$995 - N. Canaan, Norfolk $1,267 - Canaan, $1,357 - Salisbury

Any advise or help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks