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Atlanta BP community,

My dad and I have always wanted to get into the House Flipping business and we finally have some money that's burning a hole in our pockets. We're ready to do deals - mainly looking in the northernish subs of Atlanta (N. Fulton, Forsyth, Cobb, Gwinnett, etc.). We've spent a considerable amount of time on auction sites but find that route to be a bust. We thought we'd try reaching out through BP to see if there are any Wholesalers or others in the area that would like to meet up and chat!

If you're interested PM me and we'll set something up.


@Taylor Laughlin I will be moving down to NW Ga this summer to expand our investing business as well as be closer to family. 

I don't have any good recommendation on wholesalers just yet. But I thought I would wish you and your dad good luck on your new venture!

Most of the wholesalers in Atlanta take most of the margin out of the deal, I would figure out a system to get your own deals. Most investors here do door knocking campaigns, yellow letter campaigns or foreclosures. Networking in your area with real estate agents is the easiest route. Good luck!

Can't go wrong in Forsyth.  Depending on your funds, anything south of GA-20 and within a few miles of 400 is gold.  Nothing much stays on the market very long in that area.  Good luck!