Can we revive this forum?

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Santa Fe is an interesting place to invest. Let's discuss it here or on the new BP New Mexico Real Estate Mastermind Forum on,

I have been looking for houses in the <$175,000 market in Santa Fe since July and haven't made much progress. Bid on a couple HUD homes, but never went through with them for various reasons (condition and neighborhood). My interest is in providing homes for lower-income people, and it's damn near impossible.

@Marc C. we just sold our first flip in Santa Fe on Monday!  Exciting times and a much different market than Albuquerque.

The "Lower" priced inventory moves at lightning pace.  We sold an 875 SF house for $188 PSF.  

The contractors up there are also at least double what contractors are in Albuquerque.  I interviewed 10, and only got 3 bids back.  Crazy.

Santa Fe is a challenging place for any business. I've learned, it's all about who you know. Finding the right contacts is difficult.
I know a few great contractors & painters if anyone is interested for future needs.
I graduated in 2012 with my ASA in Interior Design, I am not licensed but I've worked with a few designers in SF, and selectively on my own staging homes or commercial spaces. Also with photography and advertising thru social media. If I can be of any assistance to anyone, please contact me.