Charlotte Newbie - Where to start??????

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Hello all,

I live in South Charlotte area and I am looking to start investing. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start? I have seen REI Meet ups and was going to start attending but wanted any other suggestions that I may be missing. I currently own a condo with my fiancé and we are looking to buy another house and rent my condo out. Any help is appreciated!

@Stephen Foltin I started by listen to bigger pockets podcast to understand different types of investing strategies, tax/legal issues (setting up s Corp vs LLC), how to look at markets, how to making connections. Also read books, classic is rich dad, poor dad, understanding terminologies/concepts. Then I went to a conference and meetups. It's nice to have some understanding of markets and field before going to the conference or meetups. If you don't know anything, the amount what you can get out can be limited. Hope this is helpful.

@Stephen Foltin welcome to the area! What kind of investing are you looking into? Continuing to buy condos?

There’s a fantastic meetup that I believe is next Tuesday, hosted by @chris t (I’m on my phone, will have to tag him later). It’s out at Resident Culture. I also host one out at Angry Ales in montford, the next one is on the 15th so feel free to come out! We also have a group of local investors who stay in touch through the GroupMe app, so just let me know if you want to hop in.


@Stephen Foltin - Welcome!

Finding BiggerPockets is a great first step.  Take advantage of all it has to offer (podcast, forums, etc.)  

Next if you are thinking of renting out your condo, start to learn how to run the numbers.  Get an estimate of what it might rent for (zillow, rentometer, etc.) and then learn to fully estimate your expenses (the BP calculators and webinars are a good introduction).  Make sure that renting it out will make sense.  It might also be good to do the same while looking at where you might purchase your next house if you think you might do the same in the future.

There are lots of local meetups in the Charlotte area to attend.   They are a great place to meet others that are just getting started as well as those that have been investing for a while.  I host a monthly networking meetup of Charlotte area BP members the 1st Tues of the month.  Very informal, but very informative.

Charlotte, NC REI Networking Meetup - Tues. Nov. 5th

If you can't make it to that next week, check the "Events" section here on BiggerPockets or search for other events.  There is probably something happening most everyday.

Best of Luck!

@Dave Kansagor hey Dave, it’s 6:30p. We do it the third Friday of every month, would love to have you! Also happy to add you to the GroupMe if you’re interested in chatting with the group

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