Real Estate Meet-up in Akron?

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Hi fellow investors in the Akron area! I have been attending a local Investor meetup on the South side of Canton, which I enjoy but most of the investors are primarily investing in the Canton area.

Would anyone be interested in an Akron area meetup?

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My husband and I were thinking we would just plan to have dinner at Los Girasoles in Stow, say on the third Tues of each month and see who shows up around 6:30pm. We could do a different day or different restaurant. I know Los Girasoles has convenient seating, drinks and appetizers in addition to dinner, and Tuesdays are usually slow. (Although Monday is 2.99 lime margarita day ).

I’m following  so I can join all of you when I’m in town. ...though, I’m down for the $2.99 margaritas like @Jill F. suggest. Haha!  

Oh I'm excited to meet some other Akron investors! I'll hope to see all y'all on Tues, May 21 at Los Girasoles in Stow, Ohio (It's in the plaza by the Stow Municipal Court at Steeles Corners).

Hi Anna, Yes! we'd love to have you join us we meet at 6:30 but usually run late so come when you can!

There is a multifamily meetup in Cleveland twice a month at a nice spot downtown. Do a search for 'Bulletproof Cashflow meetup' and you will find it. Definitely worth checking out!

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