Dallas Forth Worth Value Add, Rehab OR New Construct Agent Needed

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Hi all,

Full time real estate investor and developer living in Michigan, met a girl in Fort Worth and am looking to move down to DFW area. Looking for a primary with a value add opportunity either with land and new construction or rehab of an existing. Would like to be within 1 hour to airport, 5 + acres would prefer 10-25, private, safe, partially wooded/mature trees/scenic lot, some kind of inlaw suite or small guest home, total sq ft with guest space 2000-3500 sq ft, $600,000 max investment would prefer lower though.

Looking for a sharp and seasoned agent with an eye for value. Thank you for your time. 

Not a lot of mother-in-law places around here it seems.   For some reason I don't see a lot of places with guest homes.  Certainly with 5-10-15-20 acres there would be room to build one.

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