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Can not find any information on the Real Estate Kingdom. I am educating myself on wholesaling and currently reading Todd Fleming’s book.

Have you tried this group? If so was it worth it?

Hi Shakaria,

I haven't personally joined the community but according to the news from my circle, I heard this community has been doing great jobs in educating the new beginners who are into wholesale and real estate. It is worth joining in that community for learning new stuff. Happy learning!

Warm Regards,

Ryan Lin

Tax consultant

I have been a member for a little over a month. Overall it is good and I think worth the money. It is $75 per month with a 30 day free trial. You get access to their website which has the training videos. They also have the best Facebook Group I've seen out of any paid Facebook Groups. They have several of the mentors who will answer your questions very quickly as well as getting answers from other members. There are also several Facebook Live videos a day fro the mentors on all different aspects of investing and mindset. I personally feel I am taking more steps to actually get my business going than if I had not joined. With the 30 day trial I think you can't go wrong giving it a try.

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