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We have been using PPC advertising (AdWords & Facebook) with little success. We recognize the importance of it but I do not have the time to learn how to utilize PPC effectively. I am looking for a PPC Management company. Does anyone have any recommendations? I am in a market that does not demand a large budget. Looking for a reasonable price and then grow from there. Any help would be great! Thanks!

Hi @Andrew Newlon , when you say you are running campaigns with little success, what do you mean? Is CPA too high or not enough volume? I don't know how big your campaign is but if your campaign is small, you might not need a full time PPC management company. If you need some help with quick audit of your campaigns, let me know. I'm new to real estate investing but I'm certified Adwords expert and I may be able to help. I'd like to contribute to the BP community :)

@Andrew Newlon @Miki S.

Heres how to choose the BEST Adwords company for YOUR business. Real Estate or not.

So where can you actually go to find and Adwords Company/ Adwords Manager?

Well you have a couple of options

-Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer, etc...

-Local Google Searches (ex. Adwords management in Houston, PPC management in Houston, etc...)

-Generic Google Searches (ex. Adwords management companies, Adwords management for reis, etc...)

-Ask website provider/ designer for a referral

- General referrals... ask your business friends

Know that you have composed a list of companies/managers to choose from you will now need to Figure out what services are offered

Types of services offered

-Audits: Someone dives into your account to tell you exactly what you are possibly doing wrong.

Audits come at one of the cheapest cause you can get it for free or for a small amount

Levels of audits

- Free Audits: Companies that offer this free service are most likely interested in a campaign that is going to be spending large amounts in hopes to hook you on for possibly a long-term contract. However, this is just the majority not all companies are interested in this. Me personally, I offer free audits at the moment and I'm not interested in a long-term contract agreement So I that goes to show not to judge a manager /company on their interest based on a free audit

- Paid Audits: These audits should be of very high quality. Taking a deep look at the account to point out any and all possible ways that you are doing your account profitability a disservice along with how to fix the issues brought up. Definitely a very valuable service for the fact that you get a professional to dive in and point out exactly whats wrong and how to fix it.

Side Note: You may find yourself getting freaked out by a written up 10-page report of everything that is wrong with your account. Fact is there is no audit where they are just going to point out whats going well with the account. The point of the audit is to give the company the opportunity to show you whats wrong and how THEY can fix it. So keep that in mind and make sure you ask questions to actually validate the points brought up.

-One Time Optimization: Good for one time builds. So you can contact an agency for one build. If your a hands-on business owner and want to have your account set up correctly then this is an option.

-Coaching: Need to accurately be able to explain something in a way that someone can understand it whether they're advanced or new. Don't let them get too deep and stumble and over think to the point where you're confused and understand less than before because now you have more questions. Coaching also doesn't have to be a one-time session, it is most likely better to have ongoing coaching.

-Ongoing Management: Includes initial build and or ongoing management & optimization of a campaign that's been running. Valuable for the fact that there's a knowledge of the history & the change in the seasonality of the industry in your campaign and whats important to you compared to someone just jumping in. With this, you can avoid the constant weekly meetings and consistent emailing back and forth.

See even in bad times, the manager can make adjustments better because they know what your looking to achieve and can make decisions in your best interest.

Side Note: With ongoing management, they should be getting results that pay for itself.

How to qualify a company

When qualifying an Adwords company you are going to want to ask them this question... "what can I expect for a cost per click and cost per acquisition). WHat you are looking for is for them to vocalize the process. To hear them say this hypothetical CPC will result in this hypothetical CPA. If they guarantee you a range then ask if they have worked with anyone in that location you're looking to advertise in because of its total BS if they haven't worked in your market.

I believe an Adwords manager cannot promise anything. They can't possibly guarantee any leads (NOT A SINGLE ONE) due to the fact that your website may totally suck, which is often the case. What a company can guarantee is quality traffic. That is the only factor they can control. So showing up for relevant traffic that has the highest likelihood of converting

Aside from this, you need to know exactly whos managing your account. So ask "who will be hand on managing my account and how will I be in contact with that person before I consider your services". You want to be able to physically talk to the person in your account and not just talk to the sales team.

Other qualification can be

- How much time will you be spending on my account

- will you report the search terms *very important*

- will I own my account *RUN if they say no*

- Ask what they think of the landing page *how well will it convert*

- Do they have a partner badge

- Do they experience in your industry

- Do they have experience in your field *so don't hire an e-commerce company to find you, motivated sellers,*

What to watch out for with an Adwords manager

-Mixing display campaign data with search campaign data

CPC are dirt cheap with display clicks compared with search, so it will seem that your avg CPC is lower than it really is on search. Ask AdWords manger to segment display data from search data

-Targeting worldwide with very low bids

People will click and fill out your form from outside where you want to advertise like Uganda or anywhere where there's cheaper traffic. The report will seem as if you are getting a cheap CPA & CPC but it's all just super trash traffic. Could set it up as advertising 80% in the target location and 20% worldwide. Tell your Adwords manager where you want to be showing up and check with your leads to make sure they are in your target market.

-Not adding common negative keywords

calls could come in and be labeled as a conversion even though the search terms was shown with previous data to drive unqualified traffic. However, the AdWords manager will just sneak it in and say it just keeps slipping through. Demand your search terms to combat this issue.

-Bidding on competitors

Most people don't really pay attention to ads and will just click the first search result when searching for a competitor. Results in CPC and CPA. Fix this by demanding the search terms.

-1 sec call tracking conversion

A 1 second phone call is not a conversion. The result is an appearance of a lower CPA. Set conversion time to what it takes to have a real conversion with a motivated seller

-Not giving access to account *fear your going to mess something up*

DO NOT AGREE TO THIS. would avoid all problems by just looking into the account

-Guaranteeing fake goals as a success metric

Failure to look at what the real success metrics are which is mostly CPA because you are a lead generating business 

I have to say however that you need to trust your adwords manager to get the job done. If you don't then find a new one. That manager was hired by you for their skill set and they should know what they are doing a lot better than you. So don't critic everything and breath down their back. Yes, they should always be teaching you by explaining by don't send a million emails asking a question about everything you think is wrong when in reality that's how it should be. I can tell you right now the manager won't appreciate it and might create a bit of annoyance dealing with a client like that. That includes asking a million flipping times "hey, I don't see my ads?!?!". Just trust me on that, create good honest relationships.

Let me know if you have any questions... always happy to help!

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