Deal Analysis - SFH Philadelphia

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Originally posted by @Andreas F.:

BTW - is there on BP any kind of definition of what differentiates a B vs C vs D location?

 There are different opinions and more elaborate explanations but here it is in a nut shell.

A hood = you and your family would live there.

B hood = you and your family could live there.

C hood = you and your family could live there if it was an emergency

D hood = you would rather be camping.



@Nathan J.  I agree with your view. The perception of what is B an C is very personal

@Jamal Pitts You hit the nail on the head - the exit strategy is my biggest worry. Can I sell the property in 5 years easily with a profit? From what I see now, especially when the property is not freshly renovated from A-Z it will be difficult.

@Matt R. that is a nice definition.