I am a newbie renting my first condo. I have a great new applicant , seems very nice, that states they own their own business. They have five-star, glowing reviews from past landlords; paid on time, quiet, etc. (I went back 5 years.)
I did verify the business and tax id numbers. However, the bank account shows a separate entity (a holding company). The address for the holding company matches their current home address. They stated this is their consulting company. The person's pay stubs match the amount that is deposited to bank account. However, the net pay after taxes (shown on the pay stub) does not match the amount being deposited to their bank account, it is the gross amount. All I can think of is they have set it up where they are being paid as an independent contractor and they have to take their own taxes out? I am befuddled. Any help would be so much appreciated.