Direct Voicemail Message Idea

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I was looking into trying a Direct Voicemail service. I'm a wholesaler and I have about 1000 numbers but don't want to have personal pre-recorded message for each person. I was trying to think of a message that would work for all the numbers. I was thinking about "Hi my name is Dakota, I drove by one of your properties and I was wanting to know if you were interested in selling it? Please get back to me at (phone number). Thank you and have a good day" Wanting to know what everyone else on BP thought. Any thought or ideas maybe I need to change things just curious?

"Hi, [homeowner's name], my name is Dakota. I drove by one of your properties and saw that it needs work. I'm a local home buyer and would love to make your house my next project. If you're even slightly interested in selling, please don't hesitate to call or text me back. I'd love to meet with you at the property and make a cash offer. You can reach me at _, again that's _. Thank you so much for your time, [homeowner's name]!"

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