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BiggerPockets Podcast 090: My First Real Estate Investment – A Newbie Podcast With Matt, Romeo and KC

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Don’t miss this special feature, as we come to you live from FinCon 2014 for Podcast 90!

In a BiggerPockets Podcast first, we sit down and chat live with financial conference attendees Matt Giovanisci from New Jersey, Romeo Jeremiah from Detroit and KC Beavers from Rochester, NY, three real estate investor newbies with fascinating stories and great tips for beginning investors and veterans alike! Hear from "accidental landlords" — a growing breed of property owners — firsthand, and let yourself be regaled by tales proving that first time investors CAN achieve success from the get go. A unique and high energy recording, this is one episode you'll definitely want to tune in for!

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In This Show We Cover:

  • Getting stuck with a property during the economic downtown
  • The decision to rent by default, ie. the “Accidental Landlord” situation
  • The art of staging a space to rent it out fast
  • What exactly a “Streamline Refinance” entails
  • The pros and cons of renting from afar
  • Why finding a (trusted) property manager can be crucial
  • The simple way to fix a garbage disposal you may not know
  • A great first-time house flip success story
  • How to start out with a 24-unit apartment building
  • The concept of “Forced Appreciation”
  • Wealth creation vs. wealth preservation
  • The importance of thoroughly vetting tenants
  • The ins and outs of using Real Estate to diversify your portfolio
  • How to get a loan on a commercial property
  • And so much more!

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    Replied almost 6 years ago
    Who is Ideal Realty, the folks who handled Romeo’s flip?
    Romeo Jeremiah
    Replied almost 6 years ago
    Ideal Investments (Realty) is a “turn key” realty company in the Charlotte, NC market. It’s ran by a great couple, Kris and Natalie. They can not only manage your flips, they can help you find properties, run market analysis for your properties, and find a property manager for you. They treated me really well. I highly recommend you give their office a call if you think a “turnkey” real estate solution is something useful. The office line phone number is 704-658-0381. Hope this helps!
    Replied almost 6 years ago
    Thanks, Romeo!
    Gangadhar Uppalapati from Charlotte, North Carolina
    Replied over 4 years ago
    Thanks Romeo, ‘m from Charlotte too….very helpful info!
    Replied almost 6 years ago
    Brandon, I want to thank for making the rest of feel less stupid. The story about the red button on the garbage disposal was precious. In all seriousness, it goes to illustrate that you don’t have to get everything right from the start to make some money in RE.
    Replied almost 6 years ago
    Thank you for this! I am nearly in the same exact place as Matt Giovanisci, but it was a divorce that put me into Accidental Landlord land about four years after we split up. Like Matt, I am not cash -flow positive. (-$187 a month) I do not see my current rental as an investment, but rather by renting it out I am reducing my expenses by about $1,000 a month. This allows me to save and plan for my next, or first true investment. This podcast really spoke to me and I’m going to share it with all my fellow “Accidental Landlords”.
    David Barcomb from Beverly Hills, CA
    Replied almost 6 years ago
    Great article. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks
    Don Spafford Investor from Idaho Falls, ID
    Replied almost 3 years ago
    Love hearing newbie stories. This was a few years ago, I bet these guys are moguls by now. Way to go.
    Mapande Sospeter
    Replied 4 months ago
    Thanks for this. Very helpful insights esp on newbies.