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Best Deal Ever Show #15: 2 for 1 Using the BRRRR Method With Brittany Arnason

Ken Corsini
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Best Deal Ever Show #15: 2 for 1 Using the BRRRR Method With Brittany Arnason

Canada, eh?

I don’t know about you, but the numbers in this next deal have me seriously considering investing in Canada.

Brittany Arnason is a Canadian investor and is no stranger to hard work. If you follow her on social media, it will not take you very long to see that. From tearing out carpet to laying tile, she does it all.

This has served very well for her, as she settled on the BRRRRRR (extra Rs added because… Canada) method for investing.

The actual acronym is BRRRR, and it stands for buy, rehab, rent, refinance, and repeat. Since Brittany does the majority of work herself, she is able to save a ton of expenses on the second “R,” helping her to see great returns.

Instagram Star InvestorGirlBritt’s Best Deal Ever

One example of this is a property that she found on Realtor.ca. It had been listed for quite some time and gave Brittany a little pause. But when she went to do the inspection, there was nothing glaringly obvious as to why it would have been sitting for some time.

However, it did need a major renovation. And in some of the smaller towns that she buys in, there aren’t a lot of buyers willing to take on those types of projects.

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The property was listed for $49,900. After some back and forth with the agent, she was able to purchase it for $42,000.

While she was still working, she decided to try and obtain a loan to gain purchasing power and be ready when she found her next property. She initially started out trying to obtain a traditional mortgage, but the low price point she was considering was too much of a deterrent for banks to want to make the loan. Finally, after talking with four or five, she ended up finding one that was willing to work with her.

Oddly enough, while the bank wasn’t willing to loan her money for a specific property (a secure asset), they were willing to give her an unsecured line of credit for $75,000. For those of you that want to quit your job to pursue real estate investing full-time, take note: Brittany probably would have never received this line of credit had she not been employed.

The Deal(s) by the Numbers

After renovating the property for around $30,000, it appraised for $131,000. Banks will typically let you refinance between 75 to 80 percent of the property’s value, and in this case, Brittany was able to refinance 80 percent. This allowed her to pay back her line of credit and have around $32,000 to roll into another property—which is exactly what she did.

She quickly found another property for $28,000 that only required $5,600 in repairs. Get this, after renovating this second property, she was able to get $925/month for rent!

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So, she now has two properties that she rents out that are cash flowing just under $1,100/month—and she technically has none of her own money in either of these properties.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, Brittany is on Instagram and other social media channels. She mentioned that one thing she learned from this deal is the importance of putting yourself out there.

Upon posting videos of her progress, she started receiving building tips from people she follows and that follow her. She’s also formed some amazing relationships—which ultimately landed her as a guest on the BiggerPockets Podcast!


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