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The Book That Helped Me Triple My Rental Portfolio This Year [New Release from BiggerPockets!]

Brandon Turner
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The Book That Helped Me Triple My Rental Portfolio This Year [New Release from BiggerPockets!]

TLDR: I was afraid to buy real estate long-distance. Then I met David Greene and read his new book Long-Distance Real Estate Investing, which officially launches today here on BiggerPockets. Now I’m scheduled to buy 70 more units across the country, thanks to David’s advice. You should buy this book—now!

Are you struggling to find great real estate deals in your local area?

You aren’t alone!

Millions of investors live in locations that are no longer conducive to finding great deals.

For most, including myself, there are three options:

  1. Stop investing, sit it out, and wait for the market to soften.
  2. Switch up your strategy, maybe to something a bit more risky that might work in your local area.
  3. Invest in long-distance real estate.

For many, numbers one and two are just fine. But for me, they were not a viable option.

There is no way I’m sitting out of the real estate game, and my strategy is simple: I buy cash-flowing rental properties. Therefore, I was left with one option: long-distance investing.

But here’s the thing: The idea terrified me.

  • If I’m not around the property, how do I know it’s being taken care of?
  • If I’m not there, what if something goes wrong?
  • How do I know I’m not getting taken advantage of?
  • What if an invisible swamp monster eats my rental property!?

These and many other fears held me back for many years. I placed a giant weight around my neck that forced me to build wealth more slowly because I didn’t look for deals outside my area.

That is, until I met David Greene and read Long-Distance Real Estate Investing.

How I Finally Overcame My Fear of Long-Distance Investing

I first met David Greene when Hal Elrod (BiggerPockets Podcast guest 157 and author of The Miracle Morning) introduced us via email.

Soon after, we interviewed David on the BiggerPockets Podcast episode 169, and I instantly realized three things about this full-time police officer:

  • David was incredibly entertaining
  • David was incredibly smart
  • David was incredibly successful at real estate investing

You see, David lived in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the country—the Bay Area of Northern California. Still, he was buying real estate deals across the country—much faster than I was—and he was still working a full-time job.

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Over the next year, David and I got to know each other better and better, and last April he even flew out to Hawaii to spend a week on the beach with me.

David Greene Brandon Turner jpg 100 Retro Cross RGB 8
Studs. Or wannabe studs. 🙂

And that’s where, while sitting on the beach looking out at the sunrise, as I told him how hard it was to find good deals in my neighborhood, he challenged me with the simple idea: why don’t I invest long-distance?

I explained to David all my fears and reasoning for staying local, and one by one, he dismantled them. He showed me how anyone could invest in real estate anywhere if they simply have the right systems, processes, and people.

So I finally did it—I pulled the trigger.

By the end of this year, I’ll be a long-distance real estate investor, and I’ll be tripling my portfolio by purchasing a 24-unit apartment complex in the Midwest and a 46-unit mobile home park in the Northeast, which is adding thousands of dollars in cash flow to my income.

And I owe it all to David, author of the newest book from BiggerPockets.

The New Book: Long-Distance Real Estate Investing by David Greene

6acf50f1 long distance real estate investing 0fq0mn0fq0mm000000Today, BiggerPockets is excited to announce that the launch of its newest book, Long-Distance Real Estate Investing by David Greene.

This book might just be my favorite we’ve published yet (and that includes my own!) because it addresses an issue that stops millions of potential investors from ever achieving financial freedom: their location.

No longer will your home-base dictate your success. Long-Distance Real Estate Investing will give you the tools, tactics, tips, strategies, ideas, plans, and confidence needed to start buying real estate out of your backyard.

Here are just a few of the things David covers inside this book:

  • Incredible software, websites, and other tech that can help you invest from afar
  • Key ratios to look for when deciding on a market
  • The “Core Four” members of your team—and how to make them “spy” on each other
  • The exact script you need to land a rockstar real estate agent without ever meeting them
  • How to “hack” your contractor relationships
  • Tips for improving your portfolio’s performance without physically being there

And so much more.

It’s Not Just for Long-Distance Investors

Yes, I know it’s in the title.

But here’s the fascinating thing: This book is all about creating efficient systems that work anywhere—even next door.

So, maybe this book should have been called Invest in Real Estate Wherever You Want, Even if You Want to Do it While Sitting on a Beach or Hanging With Your Family or Watching Dancing with the Stars—Because Your Systems are Rock Solid. But that would have been a super long title and our Brand Manager, Jarrod, wouldn’t like it.

But seriously, this book will help you no matter where you invest.

Special Launch-Only Offer When You Order on BiggerPockets

Look, I’ll keep this short (and you know that’s tough for me!).

If you want this book (which, I don’t know why you wouldn’t if you ever plan to buy any real estate, anywhere), you should buy it now.

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You can get it from Amazon, right now, which is great.

BUT… I’ve got a better option for you:

Order directly on BiggerPockets and get a TON of extra exclusive content that you won’t get anywhere else.


Because when you buy on BiggerPockets, you’ll get a bunch of great bonuses that are only available for a limited time. 

When you order the Ultimate Package, here on BiggerPockets, by December 24th 2017, you’ll get the physical book, shipped to your door, plus the digital book so you can start reading right now.

  • Bonus eBook: The Frightening Four! There are four fears that have stopped me and many others from investing. How do I buy sight-unseen? How do I avoid getting taken advantage of? How do I know I’m getting a good deal? How do I deal with contractors at a distance? In this powerful ebook written by David, you’ll learn exactly how to overcome these challenges and come out ahead!
  • Video: Building Your Core Four: As you’ll find out inside Long-Distance Real Estate Investing, a good percentage of your success will depend on your “Core Four,” four members of your team who are going to make it all happen. In this HD video from David, you’ll learn exactly who makes up that Core Four, how to find them, and how to leverage them to supercharge your investments.
  • Coaching Interview Video: Your First Long-Distance Rental: Buying your first long-distance property can be scary! In this in-depth video, co-hosted by both David Greene and Brandon Turner, David walks you through the process of buying his first out-of-state rental property!
  • Live Online Class: Finding and Funding Long-Distance Deals + Q&A with David Greene: Anyone who orders the book prior to December 24th, 2017 will get invited to a special LIVE class hosted by David Greene, where David will walk attendees through the process of searching for deals, analyzing deals, and investigating neighborhoods. You’ll also see some of the actual deals David is putting together, and you’ll have plenty of times for personal live questions with David.

How to Order and Get Bonus Content

Click here.

Then buy it.

Then buy a copy for all your friends—because this book is life-changing.

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Any questions?

Ask ’em below in the comment area and we’ll be sure to help!

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