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3 Impactful Ways to Use Social Media as a Real Estate Investor

Zoe Bell
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3 Impactful Ways to Use Social Media as a Real Estate Investor

The power of social media is unbeatable in today’s world. It’s an influential avenue for individuals to make connections, find new brands, and discover content that can help make decisions.

There are many ways you can use social to your advantage as a real estate investor, especially if your goal is to grow your business and personal brand.

How to Use Social Media as a Real Estate Investor

1. If you want to network…

Social platforms and networking go hand-in-hand. Groups, available both on Facebook and LinkedIn, are a great way to meet and interact with new accounts that are not following you or your business page. You can use groups to appeal and interact with your target audience—either those who have the same interests or needs or those who are in your market specifically.

Groups are a great way to find and sell deals, give and receive recommendations, or learn and share updates that could benefit or interest others in your market. And good news—those who are members of real estate investor groups are wanting to network and make new connections just like you.

Networking requires a two-sided effort. Just because you are consistently posting updates on your account doesn’t mean your job is done. Making connections and growing your brand requires engaging with other investors and brand content. This includes liking, sharing, disagreeing, replying, and more!

However, for networking to be successful for your business, you must also venture out of your computer screen. Real estate meetups in your area are a great way to make new connections and grow your expertise within the industry. How do you find events to attend? Social media, of course! You can browse events on Facebook, BiggerPockets, or Eventbrite to find those in your area.

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2. If you want to brag…

Social media is a great way to show off your hard work and successful investments. Getting more eyes on your effort helps to drive more traffic to your property and get more potential buyers interested in purchasing. Be sure to post progress pictures of any home renovations you are working on to get your followers excited about your updates. They might even be able to help you make decisions or catch a potential issue that you haven’t noticed yet!

Progress pictures also help to humanize your account. Your followers will be reminded that there is a real, hard-working human behind your investment company and brand. It will make you seem more approachable to new connections who might not have worked with you before. Once your investment project is complete, make sure you share high-quality photos and give a nice before and after comparison.

All of your social media accounts should be set to public so that your work is easy to find and can be viewed by anyone who is interested. Word of mouth influencing is a huge marketing tactic. Your talents can’t be seen if you don’t share them!

3. If you need inspiration…

Social media is not only beneficial for those wanting to grow their business but also for those who are looking to learn, as well. Need advice or inspiration on how to move forward with a project? Utilize social!

Pinterest is a popular platform that basically gives you the ability for visual bookmarking, something that can come in handy when it comes to design appeal within your investment properties. By saving what you find to your Pinterest boards, you can easily come back to them whenever you please. You can use Pinterest to both follow the designers, brands, and trends that you love, as well as to post pictures of any of your own design work that you are proud of.

If you are a new investor or just starting out in the industry, learn from the connections and content available on social to grow your knowledge. There are an endless amount of opportunities available to improve yourself and your business.

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Other simple tips to grow your business and personal brand through social media include:

  • Create and share personal content. If your goal is to become a thought leader in the space, this type of content is particularly important. It may include videos, images, opinion posts, and more.
  • Create business accounts. If you have an investment business, you should have a business account on all social media platforms, even if you already have a personal account.
  • Promote personal reviews. This is a great way for others to praise you if they are happy with your work and business. Even if you receive a negative review, don’t worry. Use these to improve yourself and your business or brand.
  • Present yourself as a real person—not just an account. Make sure your posts reflect your voice and personality. Use humor, GIFs, etc.!
  • Be repetitive. This is beneficial in growing brand awareness. Do you have a catchy Instagram handle (name)? Consistently put your name on any pictures you share or opinion articles you write. If you have expertise within the industry, it could be helpful to post similar types of content so that people can start to recognize you as a thought leader within that niche.
  • Remember organic exposure. Many social platforms use specific formulas and algorithms to share content. The more people like what you say, the more people will see it through their own handles.

There are many resources and communities, both physical and online, that can benefit real estate investors of any experience level or in any market. However, social media is a great resource that is cost-free and easily accessible. So why not take advantage of it?!

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Do you use social media for your business? Why or why not? If so, which platforms do you prefer? 

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