Guide: Using BiggerPockets to Grow Your Business


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  • Why BiggerPockets?
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  • Attracting Business & Leads
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  • Tools for Building Your Business


Are you looking to get more leads? Looking to grow your business? Looking to reach more people?

Whether you have been active on BiggerPockets for years or are just starting out, this guide is going to help you figure out the best ways to interact on our site to make the biggest difference for your business.

BiggerPockets is home to more than 1,100,000 members and tens of millions of unique visitors pass through the site each year looking for information relating to real estate. With such a large, targeted audience, BiggerPockets can help grow your business and establish your company as the “go-to” source in your niche.

However, as you’ll find in any tight-knit community, there is a culture at BiggerPockets and an ethical code that all members must abide by to be welcomed into the community and to become trusted. This guide will help you learn that culture and the best way to interact so you can start building your business with BiggerPockets.

Why BiggerPockets?

BiggerPockets can dramatically change your business. The members on our site who interact on a daily basis find an almost never-ending supply of leads for their businesses.

Don’t take our word for it? Check out these testimonials:

“Just from sharing my knowledge on the forums with the expectation of nothing in return I have connected with many people who are now my clients… I have closed deals by just being a part of BiggerPockets and the income made from those connections has been substantial (let’s just say over 6 figures and counting.)” – Joel Owens, BiggerPockets Pro member 

“My website has seen a tremendous increase in traffic since I’ve been participating on BP… I’ve been contacted by people from other countries that have seen my blog posts, and come to my website through BP.” – Karen Margrave, BiggerPockets Pro member

“In addition to simply the great source of leads coming to our MobileHome investing site, I have also noticed that BP readers tend to stay on our website for over 7:00 minutes on average, longer than most other sources. In addition to simply gaining exposure to my website BP has also allowed me to connect with some great local investors in my area and around the country that have become my very good friends.” –John Fedro, BiggerPockets Pro member


The real estate industry, like many industries that involve making money, is plagued with those who insist that answers must be paid for and paid for dearly. BiggerPockets was created upon the idea that investors and vendors could get together to have open, free conversations to help grow together without being up-sold or pitched. The entirety of the BiggerPockets culture revolves around this idea.

To be more specific – there are five major types of interactions that BiggerPockets does not accept in the normal course of business on BiggerPockets.  This is known as the 5 S-words, which are:

  1.     No Sales
  2.     No Sleaze
  3.     No Self-Promotion
  4.     No Spam
  5.     No Solicitation

If you simply follow the guidelines and stay away from the 5 S-words on the platform, you’ll be accepted at BiggerPockets. The exception is the Marketplace, which is the ONLY place for pitches or solicitations.

Examples of violating the guidelines:

  • Self-promotion – Do not mention the article you just published on your website in the midst of a discussion.
  • Salesy – Do not leave a comment about an eBook you are selling when answering a question on a topic.
  • Solicitation – Do not offer someone your coaching program via the Private Message system.
  • Spam/Sleaze – Do not tell someone they can make money by following your multi-level marketing program.

The Right Way to Interact

Provide value freely and openly and let the customer come to you. When a question is asked in the forums, simply answer it and do so by providing complete details! While only one person asked the question, potentially thousands of others will come to see the thread and will see your answer, building your brand and helping others recognize you as an authority. An authority on BiggerPockets is built through repeated interaction and by giving helpful responses. It isn’t a “one-and-done” thing; reputation is built from helpful interactions on a consistent basis.

Attracting Business & Leads

Your profile is how you connect with other members on the site. If you engage on the site, people will check out your profile, which should include a link to your company page, to learn more about you.

This is your opportunity to showcase yourself and what you do!

Your Profile: Basics

Your “Profile” is your area to talk about yourself, your business, and anything you want people to take notice of. You can include links to your own site on your personal profile as well as any calls-to-action or sales-talk that you’d like.

Below are a few key items your profile should contain:   

  1. Upload a professional photo – Be sure to include a picture of yourself, not your company logo. A photo of your face will build trust much better than a vague picture taken at a distance.
  2. Updated “About Myself” –  Use this area to talk about who you are, where you are come from, and what kind of work you do in real estate.
  3. Add “Credentials” – Share your areas of service, state licensing information and other information that is important to your credibility in your industry.
  4. Add “References” – Reviews are the best way to show that you are reliable and do good work. If you have worked with BiggerPockets members already, ask them to give you a reference.

Your Profile: Advanced

A Pro membership is an option for members who are looking for additional tools to grow their business. Below are features of the Pro membership that benefit businesses on BiggerPockets.

Upgrade to Pro


  1. Ads in the Marketplace – Pro members can post two times a day and repost listings every 5 days. Listings include; business promotions, financing options, events, products and services, looking for, and buy/sell of properties.
  2. Enhanced Forum Signature – Add a company logo hyperlinked to your company page, business URL, and other information to your signature in every forum post.  
  3. Privately Message up to 10 Members – With a free account on the site, you can send private messages to those people who are your colleagues and can send them one at a time. With a Pro membership you can message up to 10 at a time.

Business Tip: Do not Include “sales” language in your signature – enhanced or not. The signature is meant to be informative, not salesy. It will be removed.

Company Page: Basic

Just as members may check out your personal profile, they will also check out your company profile before bringing you any business. Setting up a company profile that shares your relevance to the BiggerPockets community will help members find a business that can provide them with the service they are looking for. Below are steps for success with your company profile.

Create a Company Page


  1. Upload Current Company Logo – Upload your current logo so it matches your website off of BiggerPockets and creates a consistent experience for members.
  2. Update “About Us” – Be as detailed as you can about your services and areas of expertise.
  3. Add the Details – Feel free to point people back to your own personal website using the fields we’ve got for links. Be sure to include your company address, phone numbers, and any other important links that potential partners or customers may want to know about using the pre-designated fields.

Company Profile: Advanced

BiggerPockets recently, in October 2018, created a new membership level, Premium account, specifically designed to help business like your attract new clients.

Note: Premium accounts are currently only available for Hard Money Lenders but will roll out to accommodate ALL company types eventually.

Premium Accounts provide companies the ability to have a lead generation form on the company page. Additionally, Premium accounts have the ability to upload company resources and to target the leads your business is looking for on BiggerPockets.

If you are interested in learning more, email: [email protected] for more details. Premium accounts are $99/month and include a Pro membership for the company admin.

Advertising Options

If you are already utilizing your BiggerPockets membership to its fullest extent, we offer advertising options on our site, in our newsletter, in our podcasts, and in other various forms.

If you are serious about paying upwards of $5,000 for advertising placements per month, please contact us at [email protected].

Tools for Building Your Business

Using the Forums

The BiggerPockets forums are the busiest part of BiggerPockets with hundreds of thousands of unique visitors each month. Being an influential voice on the forums can help you and your business stand out.

As a reminder:

  • DO Provide Value – The key to building your brand on BiggerPockets is by providing value.
  • DO Answer Questions – Do your best to answer questions that you know the answer to. If you don’t know the answer, you can at least ask for clarification or tag someone (“@ mention”) someone who might know.
  • DO Link to Quality Sources – Linking to news articles, blog posts, or web pages are great when it adds to a conversation. Additionally, linking to other BiggerPockets forums posts, articles, or blogs is highly encouraged. However, you cannot link to your own content.
  • DON’T Promote Yourself in the Forums – People don’t ask questions on BiggerPockets to be pitched to. Therefore, we do not allow any mentions of your own company or service directly in a forum thread, unless specifically asked. If someone asks a question – help answer it or don’t post. It’s that simple. Your forum signature includes your contact information if you are a Pro member. If you prove yourself as a knowledgeable source, people will contact you via your signature.
  • DON’T Link To Your Site – This also means do not link to your website or any site you are affiliated with. We consider any links to your own content as solicitation or spam – so please do not talk about or link to your stuff in the forums. Solicitation is only allowed in the BiggerPockets Marketplace.
  • DON’T Hide Affiliations – If you work or own a company, one of the fastest ways to get removed from our site is by hiding your affiliation and recommending your company. We see it almost every week someone claiming “I really like xxxxxx company – they are great!”, when they actually own that company. This is sleazy and not allowed.

Set Keyword Alerts

It can be tough to sift through and find the topics that mean the most for you. To help, we created keyword alerts. Alerts allow you to get instant notifications via email and/or text message whenever a forum thread mentions a word or phrase that you choose.

Set Up Keyword Alerts


For example, if you are interested in “Flipping Houses”, you can set up an alert so you’ll instantly know whenever a someone mentions “Flipping Houses” on the forums. Or if you set up the keyword for “New York” you’ll be notified whenever someone mentions New York.

Ideas for keyword alerts include:

  • Your city name
  • Your state name
  • Your company name
  • Your name
  • Property types
  • Investment types
  • Investment strategies

Follow Forums

Keyword alerts allow you to jump into individual threads that matter to you, pressing “follow” in a forum allows you to be notified whenever a new thread has begun under any topic.

For example, by subscribing to “Goals, Business Plans & Entities”, you will receive email notifications whenever anyone starts a new discussion in that forum. What better way to build credibility than being the most heard voice in a forum?

Business Tip: Be sure to subscribe to “New Member Introduction” so you’ll be notified whenever a new member introduces themselves to the forum. This is an amazing way to greet new people and establish yourself as one of the leaders in this community. Welcome each person warmly and start building your credibility with that person the moment they join. Taking ten minutes a day to welcome new members may be one of the most efficient ways to build your brand on BiggerPockets.

Colleague Requests and Private Messages

The Colleague and Private Message systems on BiggerPockets allow you to communicate with individuals at a much deeper level. Sending a colleague request allows you to not only connect with an individual and stay up-to-date with them via your dashboard but also to communicate privately. Using private messages you can learn more about individual member goals and speak to them about how you can help.


Everyone has something they need, and everyone has something they want. This Marketplace is the only place on BiggerPockets to bring people together to make those deals work for the benefit of all parties, without infringing on the education side of the forums and blogs.

The Marketplace is the only place for ads or solicitations or self-promotion outside your profile. You can use the Marketplace to do most of the things that we tell you not to do in the regular forum. Go ahead- talk about your company, mention your recent blog post on your site, offer your lending services, or whatever else you want, within reason.

The Marketplace includes the buying and selling of properties, which can be a great place for you to offer your services to other members.

Keep in mind, current rules prohibit posting ads for the same product or service more frequently than once every five days. Please respect this rule and only post every five days at most. Not only does this help keep the Marketplace more sortable and easy for people to find your posts, it also helps keeps uphold the integrity of your company by not appearing spammy.

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading this, if you still have questions, please email us at [email protected].

Where can I link to my own content and website?

Only in the Marketplace, your personal profile, a member blog, or your company profile. Please refrain from linking or talking about your company, your services, or your products anywhere else.

Can I link to other people’s content?

Yes! If there is good content out there, we want our members to know about it. Just be sure that you have no affiliation with that link.

Is Affiliate Marketing allowed?


Can I promote my MultiLevel Marketing Business?


Can I talk about my business in the forums?

Only if someone asks about your company. If not, please do not mention your company, your company name, email, website, or any other information. This information should be in your forum signature, which will show up below each of your forum posts.

Can I ask someone to contact me in the forums?

No. Please send a colleague request if you are trying to network or post in the Marketplace.

How do I get my photo to show up on comments on the BiggerPockets Blog?

The BiggerPockets Blog is based on the WordPress Framework, so in order to have your photo show up in the comments section you’ll need to set up a free account on – the universal avatar company for all WordPress blogs across the web.

Why is BiggerPockets so strict on self-promotion?

There are plenty of places on the internet you can market and pitch. BiggerPockets exists to be a safe haven from that marketing for individuals who are looking for help in the real estate investing world. Whether you agree with our policies or not, we ask that you respect our rules to be a part of our community.

How do I pay to advertise on BiggerPockets?

If you are interested in placing banner ads on our site or newsletter or are interested in other types of ads or partnerships with BiggerPockets, please email [email protected].

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