Multi-property 1031 exchange

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Can someone give me some guidance about what happens after the 1031 exchange is completed and you subsequently sell the house?  In this case, I sold one home and exchanged it for 8.  I am now thinking about selling one of the 8 and Im not sure how to allocate the capital gain deferred from the exchange to the one house I am selling.   Is it just divided by 8? does it depend on how much cash was used from the exchange?  The reason this is an issue for me is that I think I can use suspended losses from other real estate to negate some of the capital gain from the exchange if its divided by 8 and then I could just decrease the basis all together.  Alternatively if this strategy didn't work i would have to do another 1031 with this property even though its disposition will not result in a  real gain from what I paid for it.  Hope this is clear.

@David D'Ambrosio , Your 1040 is the key.  The year of your 1031 exchange your accountant filled out the form 8824 with your 1040 which reported the 1031 and allowed to allocate basis among the 8 and set up new depreciation schedules.  That will show you the basis allocated to those 8 and from there you can calculate your gain to see if your passive losses will cover.

Hi David, Do you use the 200% rule when you bought the 8 houses?

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