Is anyone Buying and Holding Anymore???

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I’m located in Houston and Everyone wants to Flip and Wholesale. I need some buddies to talk about investing in deals and fixing them up to hold for strategies such as taxes and etc...

As far as I know, people are buying and holding everywhere. That's the key to building wealth. 

Flipping is much riskier and you need to have a lot of capital lined up or people with money. 

Wholesalers are everywhere -- more of them than there are decent deals.  Way more, at least in Houston.

But I wouldn't say there are more investors out flipping than doing buy & hold.  Maybe they are just quieter?

Personally when I can make more in profit in doing a flip in 6 months compared to re renting for years I will continue doing flips

For me 10 or even 15% c on c is leaving money on the table with so many other ways to make more money

Our strategy is a hybrid of a buy and hold and a flip. It is more of a long term flip (3-5 years). It doesn’t take as much of our own capital and we usually make 2-3 times the amount we would make if we were to flip the property. Plus we get tax incentives.