Hi BP Community,

Does anyone have advice for someone like me who really likes working in their business, but needs to shift more to working on their business?

So here's a little background. I recently purchased my first buy and hold property in August and it's been a total gut job. The people that I bought it from were actually forced out by the county because the house was condemned. They were "fixing" it up, but mostly what they did was tear out all the lath and plaster and poorly installed some drywall. They also were heavy smokers, hoarders, and animal lovers, but refused to clean up after them. After they left, some feral cats moved in, and finished off what was left of the house. The roof leaked and rotted out the floor in one of the rooms, mold was growing everywhere, and there is a bowing foundation wall. That said, I've done all the work myself cleaning everything up, and fixing everything which has saved me a lot of money and I've really enjoyed the work. 

If you really like working in your business, how did you eventually transition to working on your business instead? Is that a conscious decision that on the next one to hire out the work instead so that you can grow the business?

Thanks for the help!