Whats the lowest CoC return% you've had on a deal

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For anyone who has deals under their belt, I know typically 10-12% is a good ballpark but I'm curious to know if there were times when you went through with a deal when the COC is 8% or below? I'd love to hear anyone response especially ones in the North Jersey area!

9%, but that was a long time ago.  As of the last 5 years, the lowest has been 30%....and that was a property I had with a partner where I foolishly let them have more control than I usually do.

@Matthew Zelaya

This is a hard question to answer because it depends on what and where you are buying. For instance I’m renovating a 14-unit in Phx and it will be just over 8% cocr. If I were in KC, Dayton, Greensboro I would want to see a higher return CoCr.

The reason I am ok with an 8% in PHX is there is a lot of migration to PHX, specifically businesses. The rents on average will move a lot faster than a KC. For instance I am already getting over my projected rent and based on what I should be able to get rents to I will end up closer to 10-11%.

@Matthew Zelaya this is an interesting question for me as I’ve never gone back and double checked that a property met its pro forma, and never had the desire to do so.

It seems to me that after the first calendar year, one should determine an IRR rather than a COC%.

To answer your question, I have a non performing duplex that is about 5% COC. I made a few rookie mistakes and over renovated it, so the problem was me rather than the deal.