Real Estate License

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Hello, I am looking into starting real estate investing and am also wanting to get my real estate license. I am only a sophomore in college so time and money is very tight. If you have any tips on how to get my license it would be greatly appreciated. I know it would be very beneficial for me to find more deals as well as give me more income to afford my first property. Thank you everyone!

Hey Zack, there's a ton of info if you just google how to get your real estate license. I used a course off gropuon for like $125. Did it in my spare time and wasn't too hard at all. It helped that I already had a broker I knew willing to take me on though. I'd recommend househacking to start, get a full time well paying W2 job and use the real estate agent income as side money to put towards investments. You don't need to be an agent to find good deals though.

Are looking to be a full time agent or part time? If you are part time it'll be hard to get going and a lot of agents spin their wheels. Need to be able to do all the duties and grow the business to make it worth it

Access to the MLS is overrated. You can get almost as much info from or other sites as you can from the MLS. The only thing you can see is the agent notes and more than half of the agents out there are too inept to put anything useful in those notes.

I am a licensed agent and enjoy the business.  Like others have said, it is difficult to make any money starting out and you have to spend a lot of time to generate little money to begin with.  On the other hand, you do learn a lot and you save money on your own deals so if you are going to buy one house, it is worth it.  Real estate school doesnt teach you anything worth while though, so dont expect to be a better investor or be competent in transactions just by going through the classes.  Also, with this covid thing, you should be able to do the classes online on your own time, so that should help out.  Depending on your state as well, college may also count toward getting your license.  You will just have to look into your specific rules.

Thank you for that response. I am actually looking to buy a property here within the next year hopefully. Also the network I can build through becoming an agent sounds very beneficial as well. And immediately starting I will be part time but down the road I can definitely see a full time position starting.