Tennessee real estate license

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Both me and my fiancé are interested in getting the real estate license in Tennessee. Does anyone know a good school that offer an express course to sign up? 
Thank you so much! 

Hey! The CE Shop is popular, and has an online option that you can start immediately. Unless you and your fiance both want to actively be real estate agents, you may want to revisit if it's a good idea for both of you to get licensed. It is a notable commitment of time and money. Once you have your license, you'll need to pay Realtor Association and MLS dues, and those are notable if you're not actively working as an agent. Plus there's CE that takes time.

Maybe you've done your research, and know all of that.  I just want to make sure, as being a licensed agent has a pretty high dropout rate.  A lot of people don't know everything involved in having an active license, much less actually working with it.

I would also recommend Kaplan and McKissock.  Kaplan seemed to be pricey, but I used there training when I first started out and it was good.  McKissock has some really good classes as well.  When I need CE's I shop around to see who has the best deals at the time.  

I used Real Estate Express for my Tennessee license and they were fine (I used CE shop for my CA real estate license) and they were both very similar. Nothing world beating about either of them, but they got the job done! I found most of the value in YouTube videos and books that highlighted the testing process and what to know. I’m happy to share any of the resources that helped me or answer any questions you have!